Can You Protect Yourself From Cancer?

Last updated: September 29, 2016

We are all told how bad cancer is and how it has the ability to destroy lives and families. We know we should all live a healthier life as it will help to protect from cancer, but how can we go about it?

Here are some things you can do to help protect yourself from cancer. Although these suggestions may not fully protect you, they can lower the likelihood of you having cancer.

Improve your diet

good diet

A diet that contains fish oils, fruits and vegetables and less sugar, salt and fat is a better one. Fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants and can help your body to get rid of toxins that could cause cancer. Fish oils are good for the heart, the brain and your joints, they may help to prevent the onset of some types of cancer too.

Take up exercise

Exercise can help you to become healthier and fitter, which will in turn leave you less prone to a variety of conditions. Although exercise in itself may not help to reduce the likelihood of cancer, combined with a healthy diet it could have a positive impact on your health.

Cover up in the sun

cover up in sun

Even though we all know that we can get skin cancer if we sit in the sun too long, many of us still take risks. Covering up in the sun, and by that I mean wearing a hat, shades, sun tan lotion and covering your shoulders could significantly reduce the risk

Stop smoking

More and more people are now trying to stop smoking as they are well aware of how dangerous it is. Cutting down on cigarettes gradually is thought to be easier than stopping straight away.

Drink water to get rid of toxins

Flush out those toxins every time you have a drink of water. Try to have at least 8-10 small glasses of water each day. As well as helping to get rid of toxins, water will help your skin to stay soft and supple (And therefore younger looking), and it can also leave you feeling less stressed too.

We always hear about various cancer risks in the news. There is always some sort of food or activity some health professionals say we should think about avoiding. The fact of the matter is we just need to be sensible when it comes to diet and exercise and talk to our doctor if we have any concerns.

You’ll always be taking some risk in life. Cancer exists and you can’t escape it but you shouldn’t gamble your life away on a few moments of pleasure. You need to take advantage of what you have. Enjoy a few games here and there. Being cancer free doesn’t mean you can’t take a chance on something new and play a little.